Tattoo Eyebrow vs. Microblading

Tattoo Eyebrow vs. Microblading

Posted On: May 28, 2023

Tattoo Eyebrow vs. Microblading

There’s no doubt that once you’ve decided to get your eyebrows done you’ve started to do your research and have encountered the terms ‘semi-permanent makeup’ and ‘permanent makeup’. So, what’s the difference between the two? The major difference between Semi-Permanent Cosmetics and Permanent Tattoo is the depth of the penetration of the skin and the types of ink/pigments that are used.


Microblading is considered semi-permanent because the pigments are deposited into the epidermal layer of skin, barely touching the dermis. The cells in the epidermis layer continuously divide, thus the pigment is then broken down and will eventually migrate to the surface and exfoliates off, causing the pigment to fade away.

A 4-6 week touchup is required (Highly Recommended) to perfect the procedure and fix any loss or over healed pigment. A yearly touchup is to keep your eyebrows looking crisp and the color refreshed. If you opt out of any of the touchups and no touchup is done, the Microblading will start to fade away.

Microblading may not last as long as a permanent tattoo, however, the results are very pleasing and most importantly, looks natural!


Permanent Tattooed eyebrows use tattoo ink, while Semi-Permanent Cosmetics use a different type called pigment. This specialized pigment is formulated with no heavy metals or other harsh chemicals, and it allows the pigment to fade into a lighter shade of the color used. This is the reasoning behind needing periodic touchups. As per the tattoo ink, it is filled with many harsh chemicals and heavy metals like chromium and lead and your system cannot break them down.